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Some Lesser-Known, Interesting Facts About MDF

  • By: Crostapanels
  • Oct 15, 2022

Medium Density Fibreboard, MDF is a man-made, wood-based sheet material that is widely used in construction, furniture making, and interior design projects. MDF is a versatile and durable material perfect for such construction and interior decoration applications. But, did this ever come to your mind from where MDF actually comes from, or what else it can be used for? Today, we’re taking a close look at some interesting and lesser-known facts about MDF, which we think only make it an even more fascinating building material to work with.


MDF was Accidentally Created

In 1925, William Mason was trying to turn discarded wood chips into the insulation. Accidentally, he forgot to shut down the machinery and it continued working overnight, turning the wood chips into a thin, durable sheet.

This is how MDF got invented. Who would have thought that a chance incident like this can lead to manufacturing such a versatile product!

MDF is a Recycled Product

MDF is made using excess timber chips which are transported directly to an MDF manufacturer who reuses them to make MDF. These chips are then combined with high heat and pressure to make an MDF board that is efficient and environmentally friendly!

Small Cities can be Made Using MDF

Being versatile, MDF is easy to cut, so much so that companies like Sarissa Precision use it to create tiny intricate buildings. It’s simply there, just buy and paint.

MDF Has Soundproofing Qualities

Perhaps when one thinks of a good soundproofing construction material, MDF is the go-to option. Music Studios often use MDF panels on the walls to ensure the sound doesn’t travel.

Garden Tomato Has more formaldehyde Than MDF

When you hear MDF, ‘formaldehyde’ is closely talked about, but MDF isn’t the toxic material that most people often assume it be. Formaldehyde is found in the resin that glues MDF particles together, but MDF boards today are required to meet industry standards to ensure they are completely safe.

Final Takeaway

So, not only is MDF a fun and easy material to work with, is ideal for work in both woodwork and interior design and has unwavering versatility. To get hands-on premium quality MDF, visit Crosta, one of the top MDF manufacturers in India.

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