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EOur EDXMR MDF or Green MDF Board is an innovative product made to bring unmatched density and moisture resistance to your projects. It is a revolutionary product that stands out as the beat in the MDF market. Unlike ordinary MDF boards that can't handle high moisture and tend to swell or warp, our Green MDF Board with extra density and extra moisture resistance is built to resist extreme humid conditions without fail. The board's extra density provides better screw holding, which translates to sturdier, long-lasting furniture and fixtures. Our Green MDF Board or EDXMR is an eco-friendly option and contributes to SDGs as well.

Working closely with Green MDF Board suppliers, we ensure that no state in India is left untouched. We want to make sure that every customer gets to experience the top tier quality of our Green MDF Board. Our commitment to innovation and quality control allows us to deliver a superior product that meets the highest industry standards. In just a short amount if time, we have been crowned as the top Green MDF Board Manufacturer in India, that's why along with our quality we also ensure that our Green MDF Board Price is just the right as well for all our consumers. Being high in both density and moisture resistance, it is a better option than hmr board or her board. If you are looking for the best alternative to plywood, than our Green MDF Board is the one that you need.

Thickness Available:


1.9MM, 2.1MM, 3MM, 3.3MM, 3.6MM, 4MM, 4.6MM, 5.5MM, 6.7MM, 7MM, 7.5MM, 9.75MM, 11MM, 15MM, 16.5MM, 16.75MM, 17MM, 18MM, 25MM


  1. Kitchen Shutters
  2. Wall Panelling
  3. Wall Panelling
  4. Decorative Display Panels
  5. Railway Cushion Base

Green mdf board
Green mdf Board Manufacturer in India

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